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A little bit of my story...


Keeks Paper Co. Kyla Donkersgoed

‘Take a chance and do something you love' is the advice I took in starting Keeks Paper Co. in 2011, and it's been a wild and crazy ride.

Keeks has forced me to step outside my comfort zone, put myself out there, and come face to face with my insecurities. Some I didn't even know I had!

Embarrassing confession time...so when I was 5 I remember thinking I was the only artist IN THE WORLD. Yup. THE WORLD. I remember the day my mom brought home a book of Robert Bateman paintings. I was like 'Whaaaat? What is this?' And I was also pretty competitive so I remember being a little depressed after seeing it. 

So I discovered I am not the only artist on this earth, AND that I'm not even the best.  I want to say that I've grown and now simply enjoy seeing other people's talent and expression, but who am I kidding, most the time I'm simply jealous. Seeing all the amazing talent and wonder out there has made me want to hole-in at times.

Now entering the business world filled with impressive go-getters and larger than life personalities sometimes lends me to think, 'Hey, can I even do this?'. Perhaps it's the millennial in me -- sometimes I still get sad when I remember I'm not special...

I can get caught up, scared, insecure, and lose the joy in seeing the end results of what I produce. It can make me want to change my website, branding, products, everything ALL THE TIME. And as someone who builds brands - yup the temptation is ever present!

I have to remind myself it's not a competition.

Why the heck am I even sharing this? It's seems a bit counterintuitive. A lot so. Brands are often built on posturing -- making everyone believe you're absolutely perfect. But that's never been me. Yeah, I want to present my best self - but also my honest self - my hopefully relatable self.

So I am sharing because this is my story. I am not perfect, devoid of feeling or emotion or human weakness. I'm just me. One thing is for sure though...I'll loose hours of sleep caring about making your brand and your business a success - thinking about how to accurately and honestly portray your story. And though I may not be the best in THE WORLD, I do think I've got a mad skill or two.

The best thing now is connecting with so many awesome clients over this, and being the outside voice and perspective that I didn't always have (or ask for). Because I have been through it all from late nights researching the best web platforms to "Why aren't there more hours in a day!?" to trying to figure out the whole email list thing. You better believe it's made me stronger, smarter- and more confident as each day comes.

So yes - I will help you brand your business and then hey - if you need advice on what the best web platform, or how to setup your Mailchimp account, or grabbing a coffee and shooting the why-are-we-even-doing-this breeze, I want to be there to help.  I'm with you for the long haul and I'll share whatever I've got. 

Let's do this! 

Xoxo Kyla Donkersgoed

AKA Keeks

Kyla attended The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design as well as majored in International Development Studies at the University of Winnipeg.
She's got over three year experience in the Floral Arts and brings her love and expertise in floral design to her work as owner and head designer at Keeks Paper Co.
Operating out of the lovely Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada