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Pinterest is great, oh yes! It is a perpetual cluster-f*ck of jaw-dropping creativity and punch-yourself-in-the-gut, jealousy-inducing visual stimuli for artistic types and lay people alike. But the strange thing is, while Pinterest is burgeoning with innovation, it has also, for some entirely unknown reason, been churning out a generation of cookie-cutter events since it's inception. What we wedding vendors actually refer to as "The Pinterest Wedding".

Time after time we show up to a wedding, pumped to see the vision come together, and often, we're underwhelmed. Because time after time, the 'unique' ideas our blushing brides have found on Pinterest, are not as unique as they'd hoped.

So, I'm going to be honest here, we vendors hesitate to write these foreboding posts because we don't want to offend our past clients. The ones we love dearly, but fell into our frowny-face inducing faux pas. We don't want to imply that their hard time, energy, and billion plus hours on Pinterest led them to a run of the mill, passe event. Because that is just not true! The reality is, we loved half this stuff when we first saw it too. So even if your recent event did garner an upside down smile or two from us, chances are the vast majority of your guests (who aren't knee deep in wedding trends) likely swooned over every detail. That is really all that matters.

So this post is for the future brides, the ones that sit at their computers, scrolling the blather, anxiously wondering if they are indeed planning an elegant and timeless affair, or if they are piecing together the same wedding as everyone else currently on Pinterest. This is for the brides that want to knock the socks off their guests and vendors too. So here is the inside scoop -- take advantage!

8 Things We Wish You'd Never Seen on Pinterest

(Read in the voice of your best girl friend that tells you like it is)


Burlap wedding

I know girl, you are so tempted - it's cheap - it's rustic. Precious you could buy 20 yards and put it everywhere, YESSS instant theme. But Girl, you don't gotta. Because guess what? It's not even that cheap. And Girl -- you're not even getting married outside. You're getting married downtown in a hotel. Resist-the-urge!


Yeah, I saw you on Pinterest, viciously pinning those fluffy cloud bundles of fragrant granny nostalgia. You think it's a cheap option but Lady-friend it's actually not. If the florists are pricing right, those whimsical stems are 3-5 bucks each, and you better believe you need at least 10 stems to make your puffs looks aaaanything like that pic you saw online. By the time you get to the florist and realize, you'll already be stuck on the idea and end up paying as much as you would for something actually nice. Girlfriend, you deserve better!


Mason Jar Wedding

Yes I know they are adorable, cute-as-hell, and you can buy them by the dozens. But if you are going to go this route, if you are really committed, Girl I know a bunch of ladies who just got married. Call them up and get that sh*t for free!


Chalkboard Wedding

Ok ok ok, I'll admit it, I'm a bit on the fence about these, like I could definitely let this one slide. Because hell they are a bit more versatile than burlap (burlap is just a one way train to barn-town). I have seen chalkboard done well and right before. But you know, I have this sneaking suspicion that in 10 years, you may be thinking, what? Perhaps that is just the unavoidable reality of style -- it changes. So take or leave my advice here. Though Girl, If you do opt for a chalkboard, at least have someone with some sort of legitimate skill in typography take on that project for you. 


(This is probably not a Pinterest wedding thing) But Gorgeous, when you walk into that decor store and, like a rat to a tin can, you see that shiny AF piece of cloth and drool a bit out the side of your mouth, just picture two things for me. One - your high-school graduation (you know that business was all up-ONS), and two - a whole ballroom full of that shiny a** stuff. I - can't - focus - my - eyes - ahh! I am here for you Girl - be strong.



Pick a few more colours Girl! I believe in you! Keep going, just a few more. (Interesting side-note - Pinterest is actually a great resource for this). And if you are going to pick just one or two, at least make them good ones. I know you and everyone else you know has loved purple since second grade, and more specifically eggplant purple since you saw that line of bridesmaids dresses, but Girl, I'll hit you. 


We want to see your face you lovely thing! Get that over-sized Peony shadow off your fabulous face. What's that I see? Oh? A stunning bride? For a second there all I saw was a talking flower.


You can do this Girl! You want a timeless event? Think outside that rustic/vintage box! Sure, throw in a vintage dress, or a brooch on your bouquet, but then bust out - bust out of that Pinterest box Girl! You got this! Those pictures you found have been kicking around for years Girl! They ain't new Girl! They old!


In conclusion, I shall digress. A wedding should be an expression of you and your partner, what you love and what you care about. So, if you sincerely love those white ethereal babies breath powder poofs, by all means - do it! Because the only real the beef we have with a Pinterest wedding, is that it rarely captures the amazing essence that is our couples. Rather it just surrounds them with 'stuff'. So you just do you girl, and if you don't know how, hire a professional. And instead of asking the internet, ask us!

As for Pinterest? It can still be a great tool. The best way to use it? Start a pin board, and sure, yes, yay - put all the inspirations you find in one spot. But perhaps search a few other places for inspiration too. Here are some lovely spots to start:

Happy pinning!
  • Kyla Donkersgoed
  • Wedding Advice

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